Bank Instruments- BG/SBLC

Bank Instruments- BG/SBLC

Bank Instruments- BG/SBLC

Bank Instruments- BG/SBLC

What are Bank Instruments- BG/SBLC?

Bank Instruments- BG/SBLC are financial instruments or documents issued by banks or other financial institutions to a customer or investor and used for different financial purposes and solutions.

A bank financial instrument is a commitment in form of writing issued by a bank to pay a particular sum of money to a beneficiary on behalf of a bank’s customer in a situation where the customer/purchaser do not have the ability to pay or perform its obligation financially to the seller.

For the fact that a bank’s client can use a bank instrument in a transaction is a show that the individual has a proof of strong credibility financially and also capable of repaying.

However, it is important to know that though the bank is in charge of the paperwork of the bank instrument, it does not have any say in the development of the contract or even in the commitment to it. It’s only the bank instrument and the terms and policies associated with it, that is of interest to the bank. Therefore, bank instrument will be reimbursed for since the bank have to compile with the term and conditions stated.

We are the leaders in the financial instruments industry so when it comes to bank Guarantees, BG’s, Letter’s of Credit (DLC’s LC’s and SBLC’s, we have more than 200 banks on our list.


As Genuine Bank Instrument Providers, we offer the following types of instruments;


Stand By Letter of Credits- SBLC’s owned or leased
Bank Guarantees – BG’s leased or owned
Contract note Stamp
Letter of Credit
SBLC’s for Goods
Term Notes
Sale of LTN’s


Most of these bank instruments can be provided as owned or leased, recourse or non-recourse, depending on the purpose they are going to serve.


We can arrange leasing of Bank Instruments:

Lease Standby Letter of Credit (SBLCs), Lease Bank Guarantees (BGs), Lease Medium Term Notes 100% Performance Guaranteed
Leasing Bank Instruments
Purchasing of Bank Instruments
Monetisation of Financial Instruments
Private Securities Trading Programs


Buying / Leasing a Bank Instrument (BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)


A Bank Guarantee (BG) is the name used mostly in Europe and Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is exactly the same, but used in the USA. Since we are working globally you will see the expression BG/SBLC in some of our documents.

Our Purchased Bank Guarantees –  Owned, are issued by World’s Top 25 Banks. We use the Bank SWIFT Network to have clients’ Owned Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letters Of Credit  delivered Bank to Bank using SWIFT MT799 followed by SWIFT MT760. We operate a reliable, efficient delivery and authentication process.


Grand City Investment Limited can help you in all of the above who need a source for either a bank instrument leasing or private securities trading program: We do have the necessary knowledge, experience and legal counsel behind us who has established business, banking & trader relationships due to these past working relationships over the last 25 or more years. We assist clients fund collateral; utilizing existing banking relationships, provides legal counsel, assists clients with the compliance process, and assists clients with repatriation issues to ensure your deal is achievable and can be successful with legitimate sources representing our clients on successful transactions.

We facilitate to high net worth individuals and corporations the opportunity to acquire Bank Instruments at minimal expense to the applicant compared to other banking options. The Instruments include Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Medium Term Notes (MTN). Base on availability instruments may be available at a wide range of prices that are affordable, with easy and straight forward procedures which will able you to close your transaction on time. We work with experience collateral providers that will guide you through the process to accomplish your needs.


Due to the banking confidentiality issues, and to protect our law firm’s trade resources, the only way to protect the integrity of the relationship, and the integrity of the transaction, there MUST be a retained counsel; formal attorney/client relationship. Otherwise there can be no legal representation before and/or formal legal introductions made to these licensed & regulated financial institutions.

The value of working with Grand City Investment Limited is you get our initial expertise for FREE and that is invaluable when you want to complete a drama free, successful transaction. If you’re not a financial instruments expert, use one!
This is your chance to put us to the test and realise we can do what we say in an open, transparent and totally successful way.


What are the Transactions Conducted with Bank Instruments?

  • Importation/ Exportation
  • Collateral of Project Finance
  • Assisting in acquisition of Bank Instrument (Bank Debentures)
  • Additional Credit Improvements: Real Estate, REO Pool, and Companies as well as Businesses.

· Cash instruments – instruments whose value is determined directly by the markets. They can be securities, which are readily transferable, and instruments such as loans and deposits, where both borrower and lender have to agree on a transfer.

· Derivative instruments – instruments which derive their value from the value and characteristics of one or more underlying entities such as an asset, index, or interest rate. They can be exchange-traded derivatives and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives.


Grand City Investment Limited has long experience in issuance of SBLC & BG and we have successfully attained closure many times over. Corporations, Banks, Airlines Operators, Investment Bankers, Miners, Project Owners, Oil & Gas Traders and Refiners, Commodity Traders, etc. have successfully obtained SBLCs through us. If you follow our procedure, it is likely that you might obtain an SBLC provided you are financially capable to transact and possess the right business credentials.


As a growing trader, contractor, importer or exporter, a bank instrument (bg/sblc) from Grand City Investment Limited can help you to close more deals in your foreign trade deals or transactions.


Monetization of SBLC’s/BG’s- How To Monetize Your Financial Instruments

Monetization of SBLC’s/BG’s

Non-recourse Monetisation

There are 3 types of Bank Guarantee/ Stand bye Letter of Credit Monetization settlement methods accepted in the market, we offer Bank to Bank.

We accept and can monetise both leased and owned (purchased) instruments.



We use the Bank SWIFT Network to have the Bank Guarantee (BG)/Stand bye Letter of Credit (SBLC) delivered Bank to Bank using SWIFT MT799 followed by SWIFT MT760 as standard. However more and more of the major banks just go straight for the MT760.


Monetization LTV

Loan to Value (LTV)

  • 5 M to 100 B BG/SBLC – 80% Non-Recourse

Estimated Completion Time

14 – 21 Days after all documents are signed and verified or 8 to 10 Days After Instrument has been delivered, received and accepted on the SWIFT network.


Closing Process – SWIFT

  1. After execution of the Deed of Agreement  by both parties the Client will instruct his bank to send SWIFT MT799 to the bank coordinates provided by the Monetizer.
  2. The Monetizer’s bank on receipt of the SWIFT MT799 from the client’s bank will reply with a SWIFT MT799.
  3. On receipt of the Monetizers bank SWIFT MT799 the Clients bank will deliver the BG/SBLC by SWIFT MT760 to the Monetizers bank.
  4. Upon receipt, confirmation and delivery of the SWIFT MT760 the Bank Instrument Monetizer will within maximum 10 banking days grant a Non-Recourse Loan for the LTV as agreed from its nominated bank to the Client.
  5. The  Monetizer agrees to return the Bank Instrument unencumbered 15 calendar days before the 1 year and 1 day anniversary of the signed contract between the parties.


Client Standards


Grand City Investment Limited requires clients meet key standards and pass compliance in order for us to consider working with them. We do not accept all clients because doing business with Grand City Investment Limited is a unique Privilege given solely to real, genuine, authentic clients, not a Right that is attainable by all.



We solely deal with real deals, real people and real Leased or Purchased Bank Guarantees (BG) that need real Bank Guarantee Monetization. The Bank SWIFT Network is the Gold Standard that validates that your Leased or Purchased Bank Guarantee (BG) or Stand bye Letter of Credti (SBLC) is real and it provides a respected industry platform where guaranteed settlement can be facilitated.

How To Get Bank Instruments (BG/SBLC) From Prime Banks


Grand City Investment Limited is a Licensed Money Lender that was incorporated in Hong Kong on MAY 29, 1984 with Company Registration No. 0137353 under  the  Money Lenders  Ordinance  (Chapter  163  of  the laws of Hong Kong). We are the providers of Trade Finance, Recourse Loan, Non Recourse Loans, Insurance, Investments, Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, Trade Platforms, Private Placement Programs as well as the issuance and monetization of Bank Instruments such as Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantees (BG), Usance LC, Letters of Credit, Differed Letters of Credit and Funding for companies, SME’s and private individuals.


We work with a number of world top ranking banks such as Citibank New York, Chase Bank, Welsfargo Bank, Bank of America, HSBC Hong Kong, Barclays bank London, Standard Chartered Bank London, Dubai or Hong Kong, UBS Switzerland, Deusche Bank AG Germany etc.


Our bank instruments are Cash-Backed and Stand as Obligation from our Bank on behalf of our Clients for their Credit needs, Business and Project Funding. All our Bank Instruments can be used to secure Funding for Projects, Business Expansions and Private Placement Programs (PPP).


What drives us? These are the reasons why you should Work With Us:


At Grand City Investment Limited we value your time and get straight to the point. Some companies will talk your ear off, we believe that action speaks louder than words so we prefer to be solely focused on results. We have a large network of world class banks which gives us the unique ability to create outcomes others can’t. We have been in the loan and financial instrument industry since 37 years ago.

When it comes to issuance, leasing, funding and monetization of any bank instrument such as bank guarantee, standby letter of credit, bg sblc, getting to the finish line is all that counts and that’s what we excel in at Grand City Investment Limited. We have been successfully closing deals for over 37 years, show us another company in this industry that can match our record?

Therefore, if you are looking for a genuine bank instrument provider, top bank guarantee provider, Lease bg/sblc provider or loans and project funding then you have come to the right place.

NOTICE TO BROKERS/AGENTS/COMPANY REPS: We value and appreciate brokers who are direct to their clients. New brokers are welcomed and compensated with between 1% to 2% commission on every deal. Here are a few of the many benefits of being a Grand City Investment broker:

  • Professional Support for brokers
  • Earn between 1% to 2% Commission on Every Deal
  • No Broker Chains, So please Be Direct to your clients
  • Brokers are 100% Protected Against Possible Circumvention.
  • Wide Range of Financial Instruments to choose from such as bg sblc issuance & Monetization Programs.

Contact us today to know how bg / sblc mt760 can help you conclude worthy deals with your suppliers and contractors. 

Skype:  dr.williams09787
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