Get SBLC For Loan & Trade Finance

Get SBLC For Loan & Trade Finance

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Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)/ Bank Guarantee (BG) is a guarantee of payment issued by a bank on behalf of a client that is used as “payment of last resort” should the client fail to fulfill a contractual commitment with a third party. Standby letters of credit are created as a sign of good faith in business transactions and are proof of a buyer’s credit quality and repayment abilities. The bank issuing the SBLC performs brief underwriting duties to ensure the credit quality of the party seeking the letter of credit, then sends notification to the bank of the party requesting the letter of credit (typically a seller or creditor).

A standby letter of credit shows a company’s credit quality and ability to repay loans. Although SBLC/BG is not intended for use, it helps fulfill business obligations in case the business stops operations, cannot pay its vendors or becomes insolvent.
Small businesses often face difficulty when securing financing. For this reason, standby letters of credit may be especially beneficial for encouraging investors to lend money to a company. In case of default, investors are assured they will be paid principal and interest from the bank through which the SBLC/BG is secured.

Standby Letters of Credit are issued for use in a wide variety of commercial and financial operations. Standby letters of credit are very much alike documentary letters of credit, their main difference is that unlike DLC’s, they only become operative in case the applicant defaults, then the beneficiary in whose favor the SBLC was issued, can draw on the SBLC and demand payment.

Historically, Standby letters of credit were developed because the US regulator legally limited US bank’s authority to issue guarantees.

SBLC’s are very similar to demand guarantees, which also require that the presentation of stipulated documents be compliant with the terms and conditions of the guarantee. SBLC’s and guarantees are different in terms of protection, they both serve the primary purpose of making sure that sellers get paid, but while a standby letter of credit protects the seller, a bank guarantee protects both sides, since it also protects the buyer in case the supplier never ships the goods or ships them in a damaged condition.

When requesting a SBLC, a business owner proves to the bank he is capable of repaying the loan. Collateral may be required to protect the bank in case of default. The bank typically provides a letter to the business owner within one week of receiving documentation. The business owner must pay a SBLC fee for each year that the letter is valid. As the leading sblc providers in the world, the cost of our sblc fee is typically 4% of the SBLC value, you cannot get this amazing offer elsewhere. As a business owner, if you meet the criteria outlined in the SBLC contract before the due date, you can cancel the SBLC without further charges.

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Different Types of SBLC

Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) are a very flexible tool, making them a suitable product for securing a wide range of payment scenarios.

A financial SBLC, the most common type, is typically used in international trade or other high-value purchase contracts where litigation or other non-payment actions may not be feasible. A financial SBLC guarantees payment to the beneficiary if criteria outlined in the contract are left unfulfilled. For example, an exporter sells goods to an overseas buyer who guarantees payment in 30 days. When the payment does not appear by the deadline, the exporter presents the SBLC to the importer’s bank and receives the payment.

A performance SBLC ensures the time, cost, amount, quality of work and other criteria are fulfilled in a manner acceptable to the client. The bank pays the beneficiary if any of the written obligations are unmet. For example, a contractor guarantees a construction project will be finished in 90 days. If work remains incomplete after the 90-day period, the client can present the SBLC to the contractor’s bank and receive the payment due.


1. A performance standby – backs a commitment to perform other than to pay money/funds and includes an obligation to pay for loses occurring from a default of the buyer in the process of completing an underlying transaction.
2. An advance-payment standby – supports an obligation to account for an advance payment made by the supplier to the buyer.
3. A bid-bond or tender-bond standby – backs an obligation of the buyer to execute a contract if the buyer is awarded a bid.
4. A counter standby – backs the issuance of another, separate standby letter of credit or other undertaking by the supplier of the counter standby.
5. A financial standby – supports an obligation to pay funds, including any instrument evidencing an obligation to repay borrowed money.
6. An insurance standby – supports an insurance obligation of the applicant.
7. A commercial standby – backs the commitment of a buyer to pay for goods or services in the event of non-payment by other methods.
8. A direct-pay standby – intended to be the primary method of payment. It may or may not be linked to a default in performance or payment.


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