Banned Loan & Bank Instrument Providers List

Banned Loan & Bank Instrument Providers List

There is so much misinformation in the Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit Industry largely because there is a huge vacuum of information. So we advise everyone to be very sure that the bank instrument provider they are dealing with is legally registered and licensed to provide such services, and they are providing you genuine BG/SBLC from one of the biggest banks in the world.

This is very important because a bank guarantee or standby letter of credit from unrated banks cannot be monetized. There is a huge misconception in the market that all BGs (Bank Guarantees) are similar and have the same value, have the same LTV ratio when Monetized and have the same desirability. That reality is that is completely untrue! Comparing a Rated Banks Bank Guarantee with an Unrated Banks Bank Guarantee is like comparing Chalk and Cheese.

The value of a Bank Guarantee is determined largely on the quality of the financial institution that is issuing it. This is because a “Bank Guarantee” is the Issuing Banks “guarantee” of payment and therefore the “guarantee” is only as good and only as strong and only as valuable as the Bank that is issuing it.

World Top 20 Banks offer the the best Bank Guarantees because they are large, stable financial institutions that do not default on their promises, and ultimately a Bank Guarantee is the Banks Promise to Pay! many Unrated Bank Guarantees aren’t worth the paper they are written on!

Take for instance, an Unrated Bank that has less than 2 Million Dollars in Capital but issues 100 Million Dollar Bank Guarantees multiple times a week for 52 weeks a year. Do the maths. By the end of the year this financial institution has issued billions of dollars in bank guarantees when the Unrated Bank has less than 10 Million Dollars Capital to its name. So Avoid BG or SBLC from unrated banks.

NEWS FLASH: There are very few Genuine Bank Instrument Providers in the world and Grand City Investment Limited is amongst the top 5 bank instrument providers in the world. Contact us if you want to know the list of all the genuine bank instrument providers in the world and we will be glad to share that confidential and classified information with you.  

WARNING: Please avoind bank instruments (BG/SBLC) from African banks, South American Banks especially Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Ukrainian banks, Russian banks etc. This is because bank instruments from these countries hold little or no value at all.

If you want a bank instrument such as bank guarantee for loan, trade finance or for import and export transactions then make sure that such instrument is being issued by some of the worlds biggest banks in UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong etc. 

Please avoid the UNRATED BANK TRAP!

1/ Banned Asset Classes


Ukrainian Banks 

Venezuelan banks

African Banks

CMO’s – Collateralized Mortgage Obligation

Copper Isotopes

Historical Bonds including Mexican Bonds

IBOE’s – International Bills of Exchange

In-ground Assets


KTT – Key Tested Telex Transfer

Mt 103 Two Way



Offset Bonds

Proof of Funds Services

Promissory Notes

Russian Banks

S2S – Server to Server

SKR’s – Safe Keeping Receipts

Sovereign Guarantees

Treasury Bonds & Notes

Venezuelan Banks or Bonds

2/ Asset Providers – They pretend to be banks and financial institutions but instruments from these institutions are worthless and useless- BE WARNED.


Accounting Wizards Limited – UK – UK

Alpha Bank – Russia

Altika Corporation – USA – USA

Amrah Bank – Azerbaijan

Anypayer – Czech Republic

Anametrics – Malaysia

Ariel Bank – UK

Asset and Business Finance Limited – UK

Aviva Investors – UK

Axon Invest Holding – Germany & Switzerland

Axios Credit Bank – Singapore

Baltic Trust – Sweden

Bank Dominion – UK

Bank of West Indies – USA

Baoming Group Corporation – Costa Rica

Baoming Group Company – Hong Kong – UK – UK – UK

Barclays Aldersgate Investments Limited – UK

Barclays Barley Limited – UK

Barley Investments Limited – UK

Bass-Mint Management Group – Canada

BG Atlantic Finance – UK – USA

Blackstar International Limited – Hong Kong

Bond Masters Finance Services Ltd – UK

BPB Group Finance Limited – UK

Br Cardoso Empreedimentos Eireli – Brazil

BSC Holding Ltda – Brazil

C & F Limited – UK

Calverton Group Limited – UK

Capital & Finance Limited – UK

Capitalist & Wealth Investment / Capitalist Wealth – UK

Cardinal Global – UK

CC Oil & Gas Group – Monaco

Century Bancorp – Canada

CG Bank – UAE & Comoros

Chesterfield & Baggins Investment Bankers Ltd – UK

Chez Financial & Investment – Cameroon

City Commerce Bank – USA & Germany

CNF Merchant Bank – Italy

Commerce Solutions Limited – UK

Commercial Development Bank – UK & Australia

Concept Finance Lux Scsp – Luxembourg

Continental Finance Group – NZ

Credit Boston International – USA

Credit Dnepr Bank – Ukraine

Credit Foncier – Comoros

Credit Foncier International Trade & Finance – Comoros

CreditNet Bank Internationale – Australia

Cross Globe Business Solutions – India

Crown Financial & Merchant Bank – UK

Delta West Credit Bank – UK & Comoros

DL Financial – UK

Eastern Dragon (Investments) – Hong Kong

Echo Capital – USA

Eletromecanica Industria E Comercio LTDA – Brazil

Embank – USA

Estrategia Instruments – USA & Brazil

Eurobank – Azerbaijan

Europa Bank – UK

Euro Exim Bank – UK

Execs Funding LLC – USA & Australia

Exim Bank – India

Fidelity Commercial Bank – NZ & Kenya

Financial Leasing Services Limited – UK

Fitzroy Finance Limited – UK

Fortress Bank – Cyprus

Fox Bank – USA & Canada

FT Asset Management- Sweden

General Equity – NZ

Gerrard Financial Planning Limited – UK

Secure Platform Funding RejectedGlobal Financings – USA

Global Capital Investment and Acquisitions – USA

GSP Holding / Banco – Brazil

Guarantees EU – UK

Guarantees UK – UK

Hamilton Guaranty Capital LLC (Texas) – USA

Hanson Group USA LLC – USA

Hawkins Funding Limited – UK

Honeywell Europe Finance Limited – UK

Hottinger & Cie International Banque – Comoros

HR Bank – UK – UK

IBB International Holdings Ltd – Malaysia

Imax Funding Ltd – Hong Kong

ImpactiveFund – USA

Imperial Banking – Cyprus

Infinite Bank – Brazil

Inghaus & Coutts Investment Bank – Europe

InREFco / Jason Watson – USA

Iteesi PGmbH – Belgium

Ithuba Credit Corp – USA & Hong Kong

Jennings Credit Limited – UK & HK

Kadland Capital – Portugal

KBC Aldini Capital – Dubai

KBC Euro Credit – Malta

K.O. Services – UK

Krizee Raj International – Belize & India

Kwan Hua – China

La Tara Blanca Foundation – USA

Lava Kusha (M) SDN BHD – Malaysia

LBA Ventures LLC – USA

Leaders Group Asia Limited – Hong Kong – UK

Lloyd Bancaire – Luxembourg

Lloyds Underwriters Corporation S.A – Costa Rica

Loan Hunter Limited – UK

Lockman Financing Limited – UK

Long Island Assets Limited – UK

Mahkota Bank – Malaysia

Menlo Investments Limited – UK

Merchant Credit and Guarantee Corporation – New Zealand

Metro Capital Bank – UK

Metro Bancorp – Hong Kong

ML UK Capital Holdings Limited – London

Modelana Limited – Hong Kong

Montague International Investment Bank – USA

Montis Trading – UK

Ming Fong Finance – Hong Kong

Mugan bank – Azerbaijan

New York Security Bank – Comoros

Newgate Funding Plc – UK

Nilato Pte Ltd – Singapore

NVC Fund – USA

Oakdm2 UK Limited – UK

Oddo Bhf – France & Germany

Osanna Advisors – Italy & UAE

Osanna Group – Italy & UAE

Oxford Business Capital – USA

Pacific Business Associates – USA

Pacific Eagle Capital – New Zealand

Panamian Trust and Savings Guarantee – Panama

PLDM Holdings LLC (Florida) – USA

PLG Capital Bank – St Lucia

Point Bank – UK

Premier Custodial Finance – UK

Providence Investments Group

Relius International Bank – USA – UK

Retail Investor Merchant Bancorp – UK

Ricom Trust – Russia

Rosbank – Russia

Royal Bank Pacific – Germany & Belize

RSM & RB Finance AL – Luxembourg

RWSBank – Ukraine

Sberbank – Russia

Secure Funding Group LLC – Palestine

Severn Funding and Investment Ltd – USA

Société Bancaire et Fiduciaire Privée – Comoros

Soleil Chartered Bank / Soliel Capital – USA

Solida Equity – UAE – Comoros

SRC Financial PLC – UK

St George Bank – Comoros

St James Bank – UK

Standford Funding – UK & USA

Suisse Bancorp – Hong Kong

Suisse Capital – UK

Suisse Credit Bancorp – UK

Suisse Credit Capital – UK

Suisse Merchant Capital – UK

Suisse Bank PLC – UK & Dubai

Summit Bank – Hong Kong

Swift Giants – USA

Swiss Trading and Fiduciary Trust – Switzerland

Taphus Investments – USA

Tech Exim Pvt Limited – Hong Kong

The Baoming Group LLC – USA

The Hanson Group of Companies – Panama

The Investment Bank Ltd – UK

Trade Bancorp – UK

Trade Bankcorp – Canada

Trade Capital – Hong Kong

Tru France Finance Ltd – UK

Trust Investment Bank – Pakistan

Unibanque – France

Union Credit Guarantee – Spain

United Premier Venture – USA

United Trade Bank – USA

Unity Trade Capital – London

Universal Credit Bank – London

Universal Credit BNCorporation – New Zealand

Universal Leasing Limited – UK

US Capital Private Bank – USA & Hong Kong

Vectrabank – USA

Victorhua Trading Co Limited – Hong Kong

Villiers Midco Limited – UK

Viridis Group – Czech

WGC (UK) Finance Limited – UK

WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd – Germany

WPM International Trade & Management Consulting Aktiebolag – Sweden

Wyndham Finance – UK

Yan Yhing HK Trading Co Limited – Hong Kong

Zenith Financial Management Limited – UK

Banned Bank Instrument Providers List

3/ Banned Individuals and scammers list


Adem Zilkic – & & – Spoofing Barclays Bank Emails

Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro –

Amer Al-Azem – &

Anthony Arakal –

Appavdoo Raddia Ramakrihnan –

Arthur Kadima-Nzuji –

Ashley Challenor – &

Bruno De Souza Soares Cardoso

Caroline Daniels

Charles David Knight –

David Sarney –

Dejan Braunovic –

Dobrovolskiy Prokopiy –

Dr. Mysore Srinivasa Prasad aka Srinivasa Prasad –

Elpidio Eugenio Marcos Jr –

Evans Colin –

Francesco Osanna – Osanna Group & Solida Equity –,, – (2018 BIGGEST SCAMMER)

Iyad Tarabay

Jerome Visarra Ornopia –

Jignesh Lightwala – /

Johnathan Lewis –

Johnson Pulimootil Abraham –

Kang Hee –

Luis Alberto Camus

Luigi Orcese – Osanna Group & Solida Equity – – (2018 2ND BIGGEST SCAMMER)

Manuel Andres Pelaez Peralta – /

Martin Leif Wiren – / – Spoofing Barclays Bank Emails

Nadia Notarrigo – &

Nick Klaassen –

Nicolas James Cammack –

Peter Wong –

Philippe Sinclair – / / / / – (2016 BIGGEST SCAMMER)

Prakash Arunachalam –

Raimundo Souza Oliveira

Rasna Haryani – &

Richard G Chosid – & &

Robert Blackburn

Robert Waxman –

Rolando Blackman –

Ruberlei Francisco & Ruberley Francisco –

Rubnei Quicoli –

San Martin Luis –

Scott Fearing

Sekaran Sebastian Chelliah –

Steven Carl Baldry –

Stuart Levey

Thomas Bergen –

Vimal (Bimal) Kharbanda

Vishal Shah –

Williams Smith aka Smith Williams –


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