Bank Guarantee Provider (BG MT760)

Bank Guarantee Provider (BG MT760)

Bank Guarantee Provider and BG SBLC MT760 Provider

Who Is A Bank Guarantee Provider (BG MT760)?

Grand City Investment Limited is a leading Financial Services provider that is headquartered in Hong Kong to provide Lease Bank Guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit (BG/SBLC MT760), SBLCs, Letters of Credit, Business Loans, SME Loan, Project Financing, Monetization of BG/SBLC and funding for all kinds of viable projects.

As bank guarantee providers and providers of bg mt760, all our Bank Instruments (BG/SBLC MT760) are issued from Top Prime AAA rated banks in London, Germany, France, Switzerland, Canada & USA such as Citibank New York, HSBC Hong Kong, Barclays Bank London, Standard Chartered Bank Dubai, UBS Switzerland, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Deusche Bank Germany etc.

What is Bank Guarantee (BG)?

A bank guarantee is an assurance that a bank provides to a contract between two external parties, a buyer and a seller, or in relation to the guarantee, an applicant and a beneficiary. The bank guarantee serves as a risk management tool for the beneficiary, as the bank assumes liability for completion of the contract should the buyer default on their debt or obligation.

A bank guarantee is a contract between 3 different parties and they include:

  • The applicant (the party that requests a bank guarantee from the bank and borrows from a creditor)
  • The beneficiary (the party that receives a partial guarantee)
  • The bank (the party that agrees to sign and assures payment in case the applicant fails to repay the loan)

Bank guarantees are very commonly utilised among business entities. With the help of a bank guarantee, the debtor or borrower or customer will be able to purchase equipment, machinery, raw materials, acquire additional funds, etc. for commercial purposes. Bank guarantees help businesses as creditors will get a proper reassurance that the loan amount will be repaid by the bank if the business is unable to repay the loan entirely on time.

When a bank signs a bank guarantee, it promises to pay any amount according to the request made by the borrower. Hence, signing a bank guarantee implies a high risk for banks.

We can help you to obtain financing for your business or projects, activate credit line, Issue & provide Letters of credit, BG or SBLC for you, provide loans against financial instruments, and monetize financial instruments.

Advantages of Bank Guarantees To the applicant:

  • Small companies can secure loans or conduct business that would otherwise not be possible due to the potential riskiness of the contract for their counterparty. It encourages business growth and entrepreneurial activity.
  • The banks charge low fees for bank guarantees, normally a fraction of 1% of the overall transaction, for the assurance provided.
Advantages of Bank Guarantees To the beneficiary:
  • The beneficiary can enter the contract knowing due diligence’s been done on their counterparty.
  • The bank guarantee adds creditworthiness to both the applicant and the contract.
  • There is a risk reduction due to the bank’s assurance that they will cover the liabilities should the applicant default.
  • There is an increase in confidence in the transaction as a whole.
Disadvantages of Bank Guarantees
  • The involvement of a bank in the transaction can bog down the process and add an unnecessary layer of complexity and bureaucracy.
  • When it comes to particularly risky or high-value transactions, the bank itself may require assurance on the part of the applicant in the form of collateral.
Why is Bank Guarantee Important?
Bank Guarantee adds to Creditworthiness

BGs reflect the confidence of the bank in your business and indirectly certify the soundness of your business.

Assessment of Business

In the case of foreign transactions or transactions with Government organizations, the foreign party or a Government Undertaking is constrained and cannot assess the soundness of each and every applicant to a project. In such cases, BGs act as a trusted instrument to assess stability and creditworthiness of companies applying for projects.

The Confidence of Performance

When new parties associate in the business and are skeptic about the performance of the company undertaking the project, performance guarantees help in reducing the risk of the beneficiary.

Risk Reduction

Advance payment guarantees act as a protection cover wherein the buyer can recover the advance amount paid to the seller if a seller fails to deliver the goods or services. This protects against any probable loss that a party can suffer from a new seller.

Bank Guarantee Provider and BG SBLC MT760 Provider

Product Details

Lease Bank guarantee BGMT760 – Banking instrument provider – Letters of credit Provider:

1% Performance Bond insurance activate MT103 Payment Instrument 1.5% Bond Performance up to $ 2,000,000,000.00 (Two Billion Dollars USD)

Standby Letter of Credit LC guarantee Euroclear support operating instrument of the central bank Cash-Backed Guarantee Provider HSBC Bank Plc.

Using Bank Guarantees and SBLC MT760 to finance projects

Project owners can request lines of credit with their own bank to support the financing of their project. We give options for the project owner to rent or buy the SBLC bank guarantee instrument for one year and one day and then can decide whether or not to renew the lease, if the bank guarantee is not renewed, it must be returned without charges and without encumbrances.

The bank’s security methods ensure that the bank guarantee provider, the monetizer and the merchant work together to finance the project in each part of the transaction process. This works in a pre-established agreement with the provider and the operator that works together. This will greatly help to minimize the risk during any part of the financial transaction. We call this a ‘closed’ transaction.

Where all possible and safe protections have been established to guarantee the maximum protection of the client’s money. (Issuance and monetization of a bank guarantee). The banks will also comply with the banking rules of the ICC, under the regulatory framework within the country in which they operate. That and depending on which process we are using, I will establish an insurance bond established to protect the funds.

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In this security process, we use a lawyer / lawyer service to put the fees into a security deposit account (POF) that works on behalf of the beneficiary approved by the provider. Rates are not delivered to the supplier until SWIFT has delivered a notice of MT799. There will always be a printed document and it is standard practice for the recipient to receive a paper copy of the SBLC letter of credit once all fees have been remitted. As a company, we do not take risks and, therefore, we work with service providers who have done everything possible to implement security measures to minimize the risk as best they can.

Contact Grand City Investment Limited today to know how a sblc bg mt760 can help you conclude worthy deals with your suppliers and contractors. 


  • Loans: (Personal / Business Loans, Secured / Unsecured Loans, Recourse / Non Recourse Loans etc)
  • Bank Guarantees: (Performance Guarantee / Tender Bond Guarantee / Advance Payment Guarantee)
  • Letters of Credit (Red Clause Letters of Credit, Usance LC, SBLC, DLC, L/C etc)
  • Proof of Funds (POF) Messages: Pre Advice Message / Bank Comfort Letters
  • Purchase Bank Instruments (Bank Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credit)
  • Lease Bank Instruments (BG, SBLC, DLC, Letters of Credit)
  • Wealth Management / Portfolio Management
  • Insurance & Underwriting Services
  • PPP and Trading Platforms
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investments

What drives us? These are the reasons why you should Work With Us:

At Grand City Investment Limited we value your time and get straight to the point. Some companies will talk your ear off, we believe that action speaks louder than words so we prefer to be solely focused on results. We have a large network of world class banks which gives us the unique ability to create outcomes others can’t. We have been in the loan and financial instrument industry since 37 years ago.

When it comes to issuance, leasing, funding and monetization of any bank instrument such as bank guarantee, standby letter of credit, bg sblc, getting to the finish line is all that counts and that’s what we excel in at Grand City Investment Limited. We have been successfully closing deals for over 37 years, show us another company in this industry that can match our record?

What drives us: We have a passion to help emerging and growing companies succeed and help investors realize their goals. So we are Driven by Passion and Integrity

Below are a few of the things that make us unique and different from other companies.

1. We are a Government of Hong Kong Licensed Money Lender that Is Legally Registered in Hong Kong since May 29, 1984, that is 37 years of successful service and excellence.
2. we issue bg, dlc and sblc from world class banks such as Citibank New York, Chase Bank, Welsfargo Bank, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Barclays bank London, HSBC Hong Kong or HSBC London, Standard Chartered Bank London, Dubai or Hong Kong, UBS Switzerland, Deutsche Bank AG Germany or any prime bank of choice. 
3. We issue bg sblc in both usd or Euro Currencies, if you pay in usd we Issue in usd & if you Pay in Euro, we issue in Euro.  
4. Your Privacy is our Priority, we do not share your data or Business Transactions with third parties.
5. Since 1984 till date No Customer has ever had a failed transaction with us. We have 99% success rate.
6. Brokers Always Welcomed & Protected against possible circumvention. 
7. We have solutions for every customer in every industry.
8. We are Efficient, Consistent, Transparent & Reliable
9. We are straight to the point 
10. Experienced and qualified staff
11. Extremely Satisfied Clients

12. No prepayment penalty
13. Fast Approvals Closing

14. No Hidden Fees or charges
Therefore, if you are looking for Lease or Rent Bank Guarantees, bg, dlc sblc, L/C or loans and project funding then you have come to the right place. Kindly contact us today for all your financial needs.
NOTICE TO BROKERS/AGENTS/COMPANY REPS:  We value and appreciate brokers who are direct to their clients. New brokers are welcomed and compensated with between 1% to 2% commission on every deal. Here are a few of the many benefits of being a Grand City Investment broker:

  • Professional Support for brokers
  • Earn between 1% to 2% Commission on Every Deal
  • No Broker Chains, So please Be Direct to your clients
  • Brokers are 100% Protected Against Possible Circumvention.
  • Wide Range of Financial Instruments to choose from such as bg sblc issuance & Monetization Programs.
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