Larger deals are getting done at Grand City Investment Limited

Larger deals are getting done at Grand City Investment Limited

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While smaller merchants are still fairly apprehensive about taking on more debt while it is determined if/when more federal relief money will be provided, whether parts of the country will be shut down again by a second wave of COVID, whether federal unemployment benefits will be resumed/extended…… the larger businesses are plowing full speed ahead. 

 They are either essential businesses or those that have seen a strong recovery; and they know they will not save their way to prosperity. Instead, they have to generate more revenue and this needs additional money for marketing, inventory, etc… In a similar vein, lenders are much more comfortable giving money to the more substantive entities. With tons of liquidity on hand, the lenders are making strong offers. See the below which we obtained for customers last week.

Deal A

Industry: PPE

Loan amount: $12million line secured by inventory

Term: 2 year asset backed facility/monthly payments/borrowing base

Cost: 1.75% per month

Other details: Lender persuaded the manufacturer to accept a LOC for the entire amount of the order, with no deposit being needed. Borrower, thus, obtained 100% financing!

Deal B

Industry: Insurance brokerage

Loan amount: $4.5 of convertible debt for a publicly traded company

Term: One year/renewable

Cost: 12% per annum, convertible into preferred stock

Other details: Money being used to make an acquisition of another brokerage business.

As you already know, Grand City Investment Limited ( is a Standby Letter Of Credit Provider, BG/SBLC provider, bank guarantee provider & bank instruments provider that was incorporated in Hong Kong on MAY 29, 1984. 

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