HK hits back at US ‘unfounded’ national security law claims

HK hits back at US ‘unfounded’ national security law claims

HK hits back at US ‘unfounded’ national security law claims

The US has been critical of the law which, it deemed, had undermined Hong Kong’s autonomy.

The Hong Kong government hit the US anew over its “unfounded” claims against the National Security Law (NSL).

Financial Secretary Paul Chan condemned the US claims made in the 2021 Investment Climate Statement, that the law undermines Hong Kong’s autonomy.

“We strongly object and condemn the US Administration’s repeated attempts to smear the NSL and grossly interfere in Hong Kong’s affairs. We take great exception to the malicious comments relating to the NSL in the Statements,” Chan said.

“The Statements, on one hand, attempted to slander the NSL, but on the other hand mentioned that Hong Kong remains a popular destination for US investment and trade, possesses world-class institutions and regulatory systems, and provides competitive financial, trading, and professional services,” he added, noting the US’ statement is “self-contradictory, illogical”, and “self-defeating.

The US statement also noted that the NSL led to a heightened uncertainty for foreign and local firms based in Hong Kong.

Earlier, the Biden administration had issued an advisory that the national security policy undermines the legal and regulatory environment in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong had opposed the advisory, adding that the statement will only put US businesses in the city at a disadvantage.

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