Asia’s leading Money Lender

Standby Letter of Credit in foreign trade

Asia’s leading Money Lender

Asia’s leading Money Lender

Asia's leading Money Lender- GRAND CITY INVESTMENT LIMITED

Asia’s leading Money Lender

Grand City Investment Limited is a Hong Kong based Financial Services Provider that was incorporated on MAY 29, 1984 with Company Registration No. 0137353

We are direct providers of Business Loans, Financing, Lease Bank Guarantees, Letter of Credit, Lease Standby Letter of Credit, Insurance & Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Bank Instrument Monetization, Bank Guarantee Funding, business loans, business loan companies, lease bg, lease bank guarantee, international bank guarantee providers, lease SBLC, lease sblc providers, genuine sblc provider, #businessloanlender, #smeloans, #leasebankguarantee, #realbankguaranteeprovider, #leasesblc, #leasesblcproviders, #GRANDCITYINVESTMENTLIMITED

We are Available and open for funding for Viable and profitable projects around the world. We finance all projects in all location around the world except war torn countries like Libya, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Colombia and Central African Republic. We have deal sizes ranging from $5M to NO MAX! Rate is 3% per annum and Loan Repayment Term up to 30 years.  

We provide funding in various sectors such as : Real Estate, Construction, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos, Energy Projects, Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities, Bridge Loans, Business Loans etc. Could be early stage, startup, joint ventures, partnerships and we do total completion and investment expansion projects.

We are your preferred destination for business loans, project financing, Lease SBLC, Lease Bank Guarantee, International bank guarantee provider & Standby Letter of Credit Provider.


Send in your requests and inquiries, our customer service officers are waiting to hear from you: 

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